Lots of new goodies made today !!

I love productive days when I get a lot done and can look back on my day and see actual things I have made to show for my day. Today was a day like that. I made a dozen and a half wine charms, four guitar pick necklaces, one regular necklace, and four pair of earrings.   Whew. I listed a lot of it too !! I will share what I can, twelve of the wine charms and the four quitar picks did not get thier pictures taken today, but the others did for listing !!


abalone shell charm and faceted glass bead wine charms



A quirky and unusual l necklace I made, my favorate kind to make !!



some fun owl earrings I made today




Peace signs are always fun


I am very tired and feel great !! I am thrilled with what I got done today and tomorrow I will photograph and list the guitar pick necklaces and make some more beaded wine charms, some with elephants, some with owls and some just beaded.  At least three to four sets tomorrow. I have two fun sets made up but need the antique brass rings which are on thier way, when they get here, I will get them put together, photograph, list and share, they are really fun ones too !  Can’t wait to show you !!

Well, off to get some housework done, have been slacking today so there is some to be done around here tonight !!

I hope everyone has a great evening and stays warm !! Our snow is all gone, but it is still cold. 36 with a wind chill of 29 , that is cold for sure !!

Thanks so much for stopping by !!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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