Wine glass charms finished !!

I finished my special orders for the wine charms and I am very happy with how they came out. I am going to make a few  sets to sell and I am confident they will be really nice now that I have made a couple of sets !!

They are identical, so I will only show one set. It is very dark and rainy out so my lighting is not good at all, so I could not take as good a picture as I had wanted, but you can see what they are !!



the red on the end of this bottom picture is really a pretty red, but my camera never captures red good anyway and then with the room being so dark, even with lights, it hardly shows up red at all.


Thanks for stopping by, now off to make my lunch !!


2 responses to “Wine glass charms finished !!”

  1. These look great! I also love the background paper you used to photograph them!


  2. Thanks Heather, I had so much fun designing and making them !!
    I use that scrap book paper they sell at craft stores ! So many pretty ones to chose from and I have been thinking of adding some new ones as I have been using the same ones for a while !! So cheap, under a buck each and when on sale as cheap as .39 cents a piece but never more than a buck for the heavier and nicer pages.


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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