Updated pictures of my studio

I  finally took some updated pictures of the studio and finally did the entire room, which I did not do before !!  It us usually a huge creative mess but I wanted to get some new pictures and it worked out as I needed some pictures for one of  the blogs I am sponsoring !!  So, here is my entire studio, finally !! All my bead boxes are on the shelves, and I honestly need more, I am doubled up on a lot of beads !!

The top shelf of bead boxes is all my seed beads, the bottom two are all other beads , findings and charms.

Top shelf on the right, closest to the work table has four shoe boxes. Three of them are full of my sequins, one has all my fimo clay tools  in it !! the box of fimo clay is on the second to the bottom shelf !! I need another shelf, but for now, I only have these two !!! No space in here for more !! Note the pile of felt on the bottom shelf, I have a lot of felt !! 23 years of collecting !!

I had to pull the curtain over because of glare, it is raining out and the camera just could not get it with the curtain open on that side. Normally I only shut the blinds at night but the curtains are always open unless Grandkids are sleeping in here !!





I have a nice tv in here, but the grandkids use it more than me. I find when I am creating  it is very distracting, I like my quiet when I am working. I used to love to have the tv on when I beaded, so I guess I have changed. When the kids come over  we fold up the folding table against the wall on the right and slide the drafting table into the closet, blow up our queen size air mattress and it is a guest room !! We  are going to have a couple of the grandkids this weekend so our daughter and hubby can have a weekend alone for thier 11th anniversary !!

This is our full  creek today with all the rain we are getting in the Dallas area , it is normally just a small , maybe one fifth of the way accross, little creek



This creek runs behind our building so my studio and our living room both look out over this lovely view !! This was taken from our balcony !!

Well, I will be back later to post my finished wine glass charms, I hope everyone is having a great day !!

Thanks for coming by !!


What are you up to today ? I would love to hear from you !!!

I would love to hear what you think !!!

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