Making wine glass charms

My project today is to make a couple of sets of wine charms . I have orders from a friend and her sister to make them each a set of 12 charms to give as gifts to family members. One a husbands family member, one is for thier cousin.

I started the process last night by making a smaller charm and a larger charm. I figured the larger one was the right size, showed my friend them both on two sizes of wine glasses and made up some other charms, just loosely stringing them on head pins to show her . I got her approval and will start constructing the charms today !!

Here is what I have so far

The basic materials needed. Head pins, ear wires with loop and bent up tip


and beads, lots of differant beads


I have lots of beads. These are beads I had bagged to sell and are not selling so I decided to put them back in my inventory, so I will do that over the week while watching tv or talking on the phone, but it is thousands of beads, this is just a few, I have a big box of them . This is my work bench, they are covering everything !!



my box of more beads, findings , charms and misc


So, beads , head pins and ear loops are your supplies. The amount of beads you have does not affect you being able to make charms,  more just gives you a bit of variety. Sometimes having too much , at least in a mess like I do, makes it harder. Being organized will help this process tremendously. I plan to getting every one of these beads put away this week. I am usually pretty organized with my beads, each color has its own box or boxes and this is making me a bit stressed !!  My hubby said he will help me sort and put them away, he is so awesome !!

Then string them on head pins loose until you get the number you want and once you are sure you like the selection you came up with, cut the head pin and loop it like you would an earring. They are after all, just single  earrings that you use as charms instead. I use the same techinique to make my beaded charm bracelets.  Just times thirty charms !!

Here are a bunch I made up last night.





Now, I am not done yet, I am going to change around and add some and take away some, that is the process until I can come up with 12 designs that I love. She is leaving it totally up to me, only thing she wants is for each one to be completely differant so they are fun and easy to tell apart. I have too many of the same colors in the  choices but I was seeing if she would pick some out, but she wants me to do it. so, I will make sure I have 12 completely differant charms that cannnot be mistaken for each other.  I am not sure if both sets will be identical as they are going to  people who do not know each other. If the set comes out nice enough, that may be what we do.

Here is  what I showed her last night to  pick the size.

an older style smaller wine glass and then a blue larger one, the size more commonly used today !!



Based on the tastes of the ladies I am making these for, larger more expensive glasses are more likely what they use. So, we both agreed that the larger charms made a bigger impact and looked nice on the larger wine glass. Most people who like elegant things do not use those small old fashioned wine glasses anymore. They are very small and plain. Back in the day that is all we used, wow, I am dating myself, lol !!! Now they have so many gorgeous glasses like my blue one, which by the way, I paid  50 cents a piece for at a yard sale  !!! I like nice elegant things, but I like to get them very cheap !!


so, now I have to finish up my selection and get t hem made up. I did make the above two  up to show her



So, an easy project. I think the choosing and designing take the most time. When your customer lives near you they can come play with the beads with you, but this is long distance so I am doing all the picking by myself. Sometimes when I do custom work, I make up the strung earrings or in this case wine charms and send pictures and  they we can design from there. But she has given me the project and trusts me to do what she wants, a big responsibility  and something I take seriously whether it is a single pair of earrings or a set of 12 wine charms.

So, I will show the finished charms when they are done !!

I hope everyone is having a great week, thanks for stopping by !!

I would love to hear what you think !!!

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