More creative solutions to storage !!

I have been going through all my inventory and getting things  ready to list. I have a pile right now of 126 pairs of earrings to list and then another twenty or so I want to either change something or add something to. THat is not taking into account the 50 wine glass charms I plan to make. My studio is a mess, lol !!

Here I found an interesting way to make a table of sorts. I use the big baseball card boxes to store my listings, and then the lid I am using to put the stuff I plan to list and the items I plan to repair and as I take photos and list them, I put them in the box underneath.

I used a suit case stand that my hubby and I found at a yard sale as a stand for my large baseball card box !!





I am thrilled with this arrangement. I was using my heavy duty metal trash can to put the box on but then I could not throw any thing away without moving the box, then I remembered the suitcase stand, and it works perfect !!


So, in the lid of the box is around 28 pairs of earrings I picked out to photograph and list. Then on the zebra felt is the stuff I have to change or add to. And then this box, from my jewelry bag has another 100 pairs in it to list plus a bunch of old junky pairs I will not be listing.


Then my work bench is covered in beads and projects, what a mess !! It is not as bad as it looks, but it is pretty bad !! Most of it is beads I had taken out to sell, but now have decided since no beads are selling, to put back in my bead boxes. I have so many beads, this will take a while. Scary thing is, I have another large baseball card box FULL to over flowing with more beads, charms, findings and misc that I am going to go through and list some and put some back. I have a lot of stuff after 20 plus years !!


I am working on some wine glass c harms, not big decsions yet, just trying some things out and thinking about it, but plan to make five pairs of ten each. Two are orders, and the other three I will list on Etsy. I will list a few more things, take a break and get the charms done, then I will do more, then work on another project, got a lot of fun stuff planned , so list around 20, work on a project, list another 20, work on a project , it will take me a week or two to get it all listed, then finish or change the ones in that pile and take photos and list them. I have seven pairs on my desk to re shoot because they are old listings I relisted and the original pictures or just horrid and I want to upsdate them and make them look better !!

these next photos are one of the retakes I already did. I love these old wooden painted watermelons, I have had them around 20 years and they were old when I bought them. My orginal posting pictures were awful, so I took them again and love how they came out !! I  use scrap booking paper, it really makes your items stand out and look nice !! I want to get a few new ones !



Well, I am tired. Hubby insisted we finally start walking so we did, a half hour, but that wiped me out !! That is too pathetic for words, but we plan to walk often and in time I know I will feel great !!

I hope everyone has a great week, I am excited to get a lot done this week !!

Thanks for stopping by , I really appreciate it !!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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