Filling my store !!

Been at it again today !! Listing like crazy to fill up my store !! I have so many kinds of earrings that I want to get them all listed so there is something for everyone !! I have so many projects both in my head AND on my work bench, this is going to be an ongoing project for the foreseeable future !!

Here are a few of the pretties from today !!



in person the aqua of these earrings is so much prettier !!






I tried to list a nice variety of earrings and have about 30 more to list tomorrow as well as a pendant I beaded and a blue bracelet I made a year or so ago. One of my big beaded charm bracelets

I will  show  more tomorrow, but I listed quite a few , so please stop my shop and see what I have been up to, I am up to 120 listings now and plan to get it to 150 tomorrow , my goal is 200 by the end of the week !!

Thanks for stopping by !!


5 responses to “Filling my store !!”

  1. nutsfortreasure Avatar

    I made earrings today too 🙂

    No ebay yet for me 🙂


    1. How fun !!! Did you use your lovely hand made polymer beads ? I would love to see what you made, please share !!


      1. nutsfortreasure Avatar

        Yes I made plan Jane type ones as I will only get $4 a pair for them 🙂


  2. Well done! It’s always difficult to find the time to sit down and list stuff. A good way to start the New Year I think 🙂 btw – I love the last pair with the pearl, beautiful.


    1. Where do you sell Eunice ? That is a really great price , I am sure people snap them up at that price for handmade beads !! I have only been selling on Etsy and for a while Artfire until they raised thier prices and took away the free option, and I used to try craft fairs, but the fees got so high, I could not make money doing that anymore !!
      Thanks Dstonedesigns, I appreciate the kind words !! That pair was not my usual pair, but I liked how they came out too !! I try to experiment !!
      Taking the pictures is the most time consuming part of listing. I took around 300 pictures so far, and have another 20 items I want to either rephotograph because I relisted old listings and the pictures are horrid, and new stuff. At at least five pictures each, as that is what they allow, that is another 100 plus pictures to take !!! I still have many more items to list than that, but the ones I want to do first are on my table today !! My hubby is home so I may not get to list until tomorrow, want to enjoy his company !! He does go to bed a few hours before me, so I probably will list some tonight after he is in bed !!!


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