Listing more items on Etsy

I decided  I needed to get more items in my Etsy store with my sponsorships starting this week on the two blogs I follow. So, I am working on getting 28 items added to my store today. Thought I would share some of them with you !!

They will all be listed in the next day, the first three are already listed, the rest will be as soon as possible !!

this first pair is a pair of ballet slipper charms with swarovski crystals and  cultured, NOT glass pearls, I recycled the charms from an ugly piece and love how they came out !!


Cute elephant earrings, heavy weight metal, nice feel to them with pretty green beads


I collect the deep colbalt glass so of course I am obscessed with the beads in that color. I love to pair them with antique brass chain, charms and findings , it really brings out the color. Every single bracelet I have made in this combo sells quickly. Some never even get listed, friends buy them, so I was excited to make another one. All my charm bracelets are one of a kind. That is the only way I do them !! THats just how I roll, lol !!!


These are my next ones to list. I will do them in the order I show them so if anyone wants to see the listing they will be the first to be in the store after I finish this blog post.

first up, got some zebra going on here, one in reds and one in pinks  LOVE zebra print !! I also LOVE fluer de lis too !! I probably spelled that wrong, but I really love them !!



simple crosses. Thought about adding beads to these pretty charms, but they are so big, decided to list without first, and then if they sit for a while I will add a big black bead, might still do it later, I can always change around the listing.


These are soooo pretty in person. All swarovski crystal , pink  rounded edge squares and off center clear AB squares, they just sparkle and shine, and are stunning. Pictures cannot do them justice, I tried, it did not work !!


see, I told you, they are clear and sparkly and so amazing in person, but my poor little cannon elph just cannot capture the amazingness of them !!!

Next up, some pretty simple dangles which I hate to admit are pink plastic beads with clear glass. I got the pink beads at the bead market and in my defense, when a beader enters a bead market, you . lose. your . over. loving. mind. Completely.  I mean it. It is a room full of beads, need I say more. My judgement was impaired. But they are still pretty and you really cannot tell they are not glass until you feel the weight of them. They fooled me in my bead stuper.


Next up, some pretty glass pearls, large and normal size with a vintage spacer full of rhinestones I found over 20 years ago on an old necklace and took them apart. They are REALLY vintage, antique probably. Kind of old looking, but that is what I loved about them. The pearls are new glass pearls I got at the craft store, and the lever back hooks I got on Etsy. I can always change out ear wires too if someone hates what I used. Sometimes I hate what I used and look at it later and say, why did I use that ? But I list them anyway because the one thing I do know for sure, is even if you hate it, someone will love it , and vice versa too.


I am listing a total of 28 items. I will share more later today but I have to get back to listing. I have taken 130 pictures, listed three, got kicked off of AOL and had to restart the computer, then ate lunch, and watched Selling New York while I ate, nothing motivates you more then looking at million dollar one bedroom apartments,  and also talked to my wonderful Daughter in law while I finished taking the pictures. I also ate a date bar that I made up last night. I made up a pan, I ate one,  well, and the two I ate last night too !!

So, I will be back later with some more of my l istings. I hope you will check them out.

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it so much and would love to hear what you are up to today and how your first week in the year is going,

don’t be shy, go ahead and post , I really love to hear from you !!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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