New Years resolutions

It is that time of year again. Time to decide what to tackle in the new year.   It seems every year my list is the same.

Lose weight

save more money

work on my writing and business

Quess what, same this year, lol !!

I intend to take it very seriously this year. All the distractions I had last Jan are over. We were living in our house, with our daughter, her husband and thier two kids. I was sitting a lot with the kids while she slept as she worked overnight as a CNA. She also had two cats and we have close to a half an acre to take care of as well as a 89 year old cute gingerbread cottage. We still own the house,  they are renting it from us but we plan to move back once they figure out where they are going and what they are doing. Our son in laws parents are joining us all in North Texas from southern Calif so they have to get that all figured out. So we moved out , up closer to where my husband works into a very nice apartment.

So, I get to start the new year in this lovely space, just living with David. No major sitting going on, just occasionaly weekend visits with the kids and grandkids. I can put all my focus on my goals this year.

So, once again, I am going to work on my weight. I have to lose virtually half of myself. I will keep track of that here in case others are working on the same goal, we can keep each other accountable !! I am not entirely sure what we are going to do, but we will at least start walking and watching our portions, if we will start a specific diet, I am not sure yet.

I am going to work very hard to keep our expenses down and get money saved. We h ave a lot to do on that house once we move in again, and a lot to do while they are living in it. If it turns out they need to stay here for a few years, we will probably buy up here near Davids job and then once we move back, rent the house out if we cannot sell it as it might not be enough years of owning it to sell   So, a bit up in the air, but we should know by July what is going on. Our lease is up in Aug so we can decide if we are not moving back into the house yet, what we want to do.  But until July, we do nto have to think about it, as we will not know. So, just save, work on our weight, and let it go for now.

My big goal on weight and savings is to stay out of fast food and restaurants. Big problem with us. We love to eat out. We have been eating primarily at home the last month, really making an effort to not eat out. I also stocked the house so we can work on staying out of the stores, we can spend way too much on groceries too. So one big shopping a month, and then  a middle of the month for perishables, milk, eggs, yougurt, stuff like that. But most of what we buy will be the start of the month.  We are all stocked up and plan to see how long we can go without hitting the stores. Stay out of the stores, not spend as much money.

The first two goals we are working on together, weight and finances. The third is my business. That is something very important to me and I plan to work hard to build it to where I want it to be.

I want to add more supplies, hand made polymer clay and paper beads, hand made findings, some more buttons and glass beads as well as beaded  jewelry , ornaments and other fun things made by me !! I hope to do lots of tutorials on this blog and share what I do. I am very excited about the new year and working toward the goals I have set.

I plan to blog as close to every day as I can. Show what I am doing and keep the blog updated on my goals and how I am doing.  I plan to show my etsy listings as I go and just really keeep this blog alive and current. Have fun with it and hopefully meet new people and read thier blogs as well !!

What things do you hope to accomplish this year ? Are you doing the resolutions, or just saying forget it this year ? Anyone working on the same goals as I am and wants to help keep each other accountable ?

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you are having a great last weekend for 2012 !! From my studio to you , happy new year , 2013 !!



I would love to hear what you think !!!

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