Back to business !!!

I have been a bit sidetracked the last week with all the holiday baking and wrapping and shopping , and we had a wonderful holiday with our kids and grandkids !! Now, however, I can get back to business !! I still have clean up to do, tree to take down, ornaments and decorations to put away, but will do those things when my hubby gets home and work during the day while he is at work !! I can take my time at the put away part of the holiday !! I figure as long as it is all put away by the first of the year, I am not doing too bad !!

I am very excited about the new year. I am sponsoring two blogs and very excited about that, and so for the next week I will be really filling up my Etsy store with current inventory, both supplies and jewelry , but I will also be making new pieces to put in my store as well. I will feature those items here as I create them . I have lots of ideas of what I want to do and  I cannot wait to get started !! I promise to share everything I do here, I love getting imput and any suggestions are always welcome !!

I have found out recently that mustaches are quite the thing. This is something that both  completely baffles and fascinates  my husband and I !! We saw them everywhere this  holiday season. I had first read about people collecting them on Ruthies site, She is one of my new sponsorships. She collects mustache stuff but this was the first time I saw them out in stores. I looked on Etsy and there were 250 pages of mustache stuff, lol !! My husband has a nice mustache.  He has always had a mustache and as a young man working at a bank when we were first married, even had a handle bar mustache, which I am so grateful for the fact he grew tired of it and gave it up, lol !! I have never known him in the 32 plus years since I met him, without a mustache. He shaved it off once when he got chicken box, yep, he got them first and then gave them to all four kids, but imediately grew it back. My laughter might have had a hand in that decision, lol !! Those were really fun times since I was the only one who had already had chicken pox and had to take care of everyone !! But it would have been worse if I had been sick too  !!

So, I have some fun mustache projects in mind. I will share as I work on them. I plan to use sequins for some, big surprise !! I just got a new shipment in of some fun new colors….. I really do need a ten step program for the sequins ! I am very grateful that they are quite inexpensive so I can splurge occasionally and not spend all that much on the splurge !!

I have that some new fun square chain i recently shared here that  I plan to make some fun things out of and still hope to get into the fimo clay very soon . We are working on a safe place to use my toaster oven, so we think the back porch, and are working on a table to put it on .

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, we sure did. We  had a white Christmas in North Texas , late in the day, but it counted !! We got up today  to some pretty scenery .





I wish I had pictures to share , as it was pretty funny , of my husband and our 23 year old son playing with the slinky I put in his stocking for fun last night . They decided since we have a steep staircase from our laundry room off the kithcen down to the garage that it would be perfect for the slinky, pretty funny stuff, and very intertaining. It was funny until I remembered it was almost ten at night and we have neighbors over the garage  so accross from us, the stair case seperating us, although, thank goodness I do not think they are home this week, but still , I had to rain on thier parade once I realized what time it was !!

So, a fun four days off with my hubby came  to a close tonight. I sure enjoyed his time off and having our son visit for a couple of days. He lives about an hour from us and works and goes to school so we do not see him very often, so it was a really nice treat to have him at our place for a couple of days !!

So, back to business tomorrow. I am so excited about the new year and want to get all organized for my new ads coming out.

Thanks so much for stopping by, I appreciate it so much !!  As always, I love to hear what others have to say !!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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