Merry Christmas !!!

I appologize for not being around the last week. I had some orders and some major baking to do and got behind on my posts and my listings at Etsy.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas season !!  I am very excited that we are almost do Christmas day AND that here in the Dallas metroplex we could actually have a white Christmas, too exciting for words !!

So, this week I have been baking and delivering cookies to people I want to show my appreciation to. We have ten employees at our Apt complex so I made up a plate for each person , it ended up being almost 200 cookies, lol !! I did not think that through very well !! I did not mind though one bit. They take very good care of us here and we love all the people who work for this apartment complex. After owning a house for eleven  years, and technically still owning it but our kids are renting it for a while, it was hard to rent again, but they , and this wonderful building have made it much easier !!

Here are thier cookies !! Please ignore our pigsty of a garage. We are going through and taking a lot back to our barn at our house but have not gotten it moved yet !!



We had our grandson for the weekend and that was fun !! We picked him up at his sisters band concert, she is in middle school. A family friend lost thier father and so I took him home so Mommy could be there for her friend this weekend. We had fun, he is a blast and full of energy. After we dropped off the cookies, we let him run for a bit around the complex !!Here he is with Grandpa !! We have such a pretty complex to walk through, the creek runs through, we are actually on the other side of the creek from the office, but we were walking on that side as we had just dropped off the goodies !!



this little guy froze when he saw us and did not move until our grandsons feet touched the grass, then he ran up the tree !!

Today he helped Grandpa build a wagon we got at a garage sale a few months ago, unopened in the box for 20 bucks, a great deal and they had so much fun with it !!


We went to the mall with him and his parents and sister today when they came up to pick him up. We thought the Teddy bear tree at Dillards was pretty neat !!


Cloudy and cool day, but the fountain was still just beautiful !!


I forgot to share how our grandson scaled right up this wall on our walk that day !!! Just sat up there happy as can be !!!


found some very interesting 1.99 earrings at a store at the mall today, thought I could take them apart and have some fun with the  chains. Very pretty and interesting chains to play with !!


pinks and golds, a pretty muted gold.


Black and silver


a smaller version of the square chain in a shinier silver and a ball chain. I cannot imagine who would wear such long earrings, but I love the chains so much !!


The tree at the outdoor mall, very large and very pretty !!


We had a fun day together. That is what the holidays are all about. Spending time with the people you love !!



2 responses to “Merry Christmas !!!”

  1. I love those chains! Can’t wait to see what you do with them!


    1. Thanks Heather, I am excited about them and have all kinds of ideas in my head, will share as soon as I can sit down and work, probably later this week !! Thanks for stopping by !!! Merry Christmas !!


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