A very productive day !! Love those !!

Hi, I have been working hard today and it feels good. I have been combing through my listings, adjusting prices and taking better pictures, for goodness sakes, some are so bad, no wonder no one bought it, lol !!

I am also going to have some ads on a fun and popluar blog that you should all check out. I found Ruthies blog when she and her hubby were featured on House Hunters and they showed her at her computer and showed her blog, been following her ever since !! So, my favorite youngest daughter, not to be confused with my favorite older daughter, favorite older son , or favorite younger son, helped me create a wonderful banner for my ad. I sent her a picture I took, the one I use for my blog and Etsy and my business card and this is what she made for me, I love it !!


It is nice and simple and so pretty !!! I am thrilled !! I am set to run Jan 1 through 31  with the smaller one below and then the bigger one from then on. I am very happy to be able to promote my site and store. I am going to work hard to get them both shined up for Jan 1 when the ad starts !!


THe blog is called  The Chronicals of Ruthie Hart. It is a sweet and fun blog and she posts about her life and recipes and all kinds of things. I hope you will all check her site out !!

So, some of what I worked on today

retook the photos for this set of buttons,

buttons Dec 13,2012 002

and these beauties, thought they were listed, somehow they were not, not sure what happened, but they are listed now !!

buttons Dec 2012 053

I took pictures of this pendant, it goes with the earrings I recently made for an order, but I still have to list it. This exact one is not for sale, I make them to order, but I will still get it on for the last couple of weeks I have to sell one. I know I will buy things I find to wear next year too.

buttons Dec 2012 040

Some necklaces that had really , really, awful pictures !! I still have to redo the bottom one, but at least got clearer pictures even if the card stock is ugly.

necklaces  Dec 2012 006

necklace, updated pictures 2012 006

Got a pile of buttons and jewelry to retake tomorrow, some to list for the first time and some to redo the pictures on current listings.

Anway, long day in the studio, I am beat !! I hope everyone had as nice a day as I did !!!

I would love to hear what you think !!!

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