I need a ten step program for sequins and beads !!

I know I have mentioned before that I love sequins, I really do, a lot !! I think I need a ten step program because I have three plastic shoe boxes stuffed full, I will probably have to start a fourth soon,  and I bought more. But they are new colors I do not have, if that is possible, but it is, because I really did not have these colors !!

sequins 001

sequins 004

sequins 003

sequins 009

sequins 005

sequins 016

I did not show them all, but this is just a few of the 14 new colors I got. I got 15 but I cannot lie, I do  have black, but this was a differant black, lol !! I said before …. ten……step ……program !!! Luckily sequins are very cheap so if I have to collect something, 1.15 a bag on average  is pretty inexpensive !!!

Love my sequins !!!!

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