Polymer clay, some lessons for today

Well, got out my clay today to play for a bit and learned a lot of things already. Some of the stuff I figured out was mistakes I made when I played with it the last time. Really dumb ones too.

For example. When you make items you plan to bake later, do not put them in a container with other not baked items, they will get thier colors on each other and make a mess.  You have just wasted all that time you spent making stuff, when you do that.

Keep the packaging if you use it all up and still have to bake it. Each clay has slightlyl differant instructions and you really need to know what you have so you can bake it correctly .

Here are some pictures of my day today.

Such pretty colors I mixed together, but what are they ? It is a very hard clay, lesson number two, it cracks when you start to play with it so it will need a lot of conditioning to do anything with and I have no clue what in the heck it is, I threw away the packaging !! Not a smart move.

I think the beads will be pretty, kind of look like the earth, but I know my motiviation was just I liked those two colors together. When I was a kid my parents owned a house that they put that color of shag carpet in, that same blue and green and my Dad loved it so much he painted a linen closet door at the end of the hall  half blue and half green, so I have always loved those two rich colors together, funny how childhood follows us through life !!

Polymor clay blog post 12-3-12 005

Polymor clay blog post 12-3-12 029

Now, this is a nice soft clay, easy to work with and what I wil buy from now on, love it , so pretty and very soft from the first moment I picked it up !!

Premo  and premo accents , which has some sparkles in it, and I love sparkles !!

this is the sparkly stuff, so pretty, just have to clean where they bumped into other projects, again, such a dumb move !! But, I did keep the packaging so that was good !!

Polymor clay blog post 12-3-12 032

Polymor clay blog post 12-3-12 033

Polymor clay blog post 12-3-12 015

Also, be sure and keep the things you used to make imprints in your clay, you might want to make that same imprint and if you keep it seperate from your clay tools, you will not have it if you want to use it again, and that is disapointing !! I have the sunflower but no idea what the snow flake was. You can see how contaminated they both got so they are a mess. I guess practice clay. I really wasted my time when I put them away carelessly. I am dispaointed and will never make that mistake again. You can see dust and other clays,  I think they got uncovered for a bit, I had a very crowded work area in our old house. I can spread out here, could not do that there. Things got misplaced a lot so having space to organize helps with all crafts and keeping your projects organized !!

Polymor clay blog post 12-3-12 010

Polymor clay blog post 12-3-12 002

Polymor clay blog post 12-3-12 031

Well, did not leave enough space in between to write, so I am a bit off, but this black and metalic combination is very nice and also the soft clay that is easy to work with and I kept the packaging !!

Polymor clay blog post 12-3-12 022

So, my tips for today, based on my experiences are, try to bake same day or at least store seperately each color and type of project you have  made, whatever you do, please keep the packaging so you know what to do with it and what it is so you can make sure to not mix it with the wrong thing.

Keep all tools together , even things that are not really tools, but things you used to make a project, and that goes for all projects really. If you keep the items together, then you have them there to recreated that project again . That just makes being creative a lot easier.

Well, I have just started. I have so much to learn about polymer clay. I am looking forward to making new things and learning a lot and I will take you with me on my journey !! Obviously some things I will learn the hard way but hopefully some lessons will be fun  !!!

Thanks so much for stopping by !!

2 responses to “Polymer clay, some lessons for today”

  1. nutsfortreasure Avatar

    LOVE IT!!!!!
    Now put down your CLAY and come over to my place for your Bog of the Year 2012 Award

    and get your STAR!


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