No big plans for today


I do not have any big plans for today in the studio. I have a phone date with a good friend and I will finish up the rest of yesterdays organizing. I got a lot of stuff organized and put away and found some things I had been missing, so that is always a good thing. I had beads I had bought at the bead show a couple of months ago and they were still strung so I cut them loose and put them in thier proper color boxes. It was a long tedious day, but worth it to get so much done !!

Tomorrow I plan to finally get my polymer clay out and have some fun with it !! I wanted a day with no plans so I could just have fun and not worry about having to stop for something. I have to learn how to use the machine and it will be a fun day of just getting aquainted with the clay. I have played with it before a bit, but have been a bit intimidated by it so I need to work past that and get more comfortable with the stuff . I am really looking forward to it, should be a fun day !!

I will probably list the last few things I had planned to list this week on Etsy and maybe pick a few more things to put on, it has been a while  since I had listed the first 100 things.

Overall , today will be a lazy , get some housework done , talk on the phone , and get some little things done in the studio. My hubby was home sick the last two days, and he is NEVER home sick,  so the house is a bit of a mess, so today, gettting the house back in shape is first,  then some studio time. Although nothing I can do about our entire dining room table being covered in ornaments. We bought a tree sunday, he worked a double shift on Monday and then was s ick for two days and now works two more double shifts. Now the tree is getting very brown , not had a bad tree like this in a long time, so it has to go back on Saturday. When I called to ask if I could take it back, the lady at Home Depo was a bit condenscending.  ” the trees are dead you know, ” Wow, seriously, I did not know that , the fact they are cut and no longer planted in the ground did not escape me. I bit my tongue however and  did not say what I was thinking, lol !! She said we can bring it back on Saturday, which is the first day my hubby will be home early enough to take it back. Double shifts leave time for nothing much esle but a short nights sleep for him !!

So, here is the tree and the ornament mess I just have to look at for several more days. I will try to neaten it up, but it is what it is. Oh well !!!! And yes, I do have some glass ornaments in a  hefty bag box, lol, we  use what we have on hand !!! I do have a few non Christmas things to deal with, and a mess on my hutch, mostly my recipe books and binders,  so I can work on those while on the phone.  We have been in this apartment for six months and are still getting organized. About the time we get organized we hope to be buying a house !! Then we can start all over again !!!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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