Time to get moving !!!

So, a new day and time to figure out what I want to do today !! My hubby is home sick and doing better but still I will have some distractions as I am not by myself so I will save polymer for Friday when I have no plans or distractions  and I have a long full day ahead of me.

So, that leaves me a nice normal day to accomplish something , but what will it be ?

Can’t start on the Grace Kelly bracelet  until the movie comes, I watch it and check out that bracelet, then I can see what I will need for sure. So, mark that one off of todays list.

I think today will be to organize my last standoff, a pile of mess I have been avoiding, and I am sure most creative people have one  and when I did my big organization, this was the small pile of all those misc things I just did not want to go through by the end. Trays of projects I never put away, and just misc stuff that needs a  home somewhere in my stuff.

Here is todays challenge for me !!

Here is my bench looking somewhat clean, not too bad !!

Here is my bench once I got my little pile of mess out, lol !!

okay, does not look too bad , yet …..

So, there you have it, my dirty little secret in my seemingly clean work space, my pile of stuff !!! I will go through it and put it away, and organize it, cannot put it off any longer as that is a shelf I could use for projects I am working on, instead of old projects !!

Well, off I go, I will take more pictures as I go and show my progress later today !! Not fun to do, there will be no pretty thing to look at end of the day as my accomplishment, but I will know I have tackled a job I have put off for too long !!

Does anyone else  have a creative pile too ? How do you deal with it and how do you keep from having it happen if you do not have a pile ?

Thanks for stopping by !!!

One response to “Time to get moving !!!”

  1. Hey Steph!Hope you are feeling better…love your little pile – I wish that’s all I had. Didn’t get as much done as I wanted to today…but we did pull 12 windows out of the lower part of the barn so they will be fun to make into something. Most of them were little 4 panes but a 6 pane one was sitting right inside the set of 4 paners. So that one will be mine to keep as a rememberance of the old barn…besides all the wood. Well – I’m off to bed but just trying to catch up on all your blogs! Fun to read…I got an ice skate centerpiece done to bring into the shop. I should take a quick pic and post or I will forget when I drop it off tomorrow! Have a good night and hope you are feeling better…darn, that tree that turned brown. Not good…. Bonnie Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2012 16:15:11 +0000 To: bkjobe@hotmail.com


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