Some random helpful hints , things I do to help me be creative !!

I had planned on working today but my poor hubby was home sick and we went to the doctor in the early afternoon. He will be fine, I am fine, but I never got in here to work !!

I will just share some pictures I had taken recently as my blog post for today but hope to be in here working all day tomorrow.

Oh, I also talked to Netflix, figured out why I had not gotten any movies sent and Rear Window is now on its way. Once it is here I get to watch it to see that bracelet, so that will be step one !!

Anyway, let me see if I can find a picture or two to share, maybe of some jewelry, beads or a project !!

Okay, this first one is a random one,

I have a pile of old cookie sheets I use with the beading matts or felt to make jewelry. I can pile all the beads I want to work on it and then go to town, it helps a lot when I want a selection but have limited space to work in. The next picture is a great idea that is not my own.  I had seen on a blog how a beader used the cupcake pans to store projects and her idea was to put a bunch of future projects in the pan, one per cupcake , so I had done that, but ended up moving before I got them done so it all got put away, but they are fabulous for that and I wish I could remember the blogger to give her credit, I think the site was called art beads, something like that, but a great idea and I cannot take credit for it !!

now, this is my idea, but I am sure others do this too, I put my seed bead projects onto chinet plates. I keep certain ones loaded all the time. I have a black, a pink and a white plate loaded with sequins and seed beads for projects I do. Most projects I make and then put away the beads and then reuse the plate for the next project. Not as easy to store as the muffin tin, but I have a round tin now that I stack many of these in. I have about five or six total loaded  and then some empty ones for future projects !!

I used interesting scrap booking paper for taking my pictures. I saw a jewelry designer use a book and thought, hmm, that is nice and so I went out and bought a bunch of differant papers, very reasonable to have a huge selection to chose from . Here are a few I have used, but I have a nice selection now !!  Differant colors and patterns to use when photographing my items !!

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  1. Great post, really enjoyed it!
    — Hyo


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