Grace Kelly Rear Window vintage bracelet, a challenge for me !!!

I have been issued a challenge and it should be a fun one !! I have been asked to recreate, to the best of my ability , the bracelet worn by Grace Kelly in the movie Rear Window. It is a fabulous pearl bracelet but getting a clear picture of it is proving hard. Most pictures of it are grainy and hard to see.

So, this is my challenge, lol !! I plan to get the movie and watch it on the biggest tv I can find and pause it and see if I can get a good look. I already have a good idea from watching this above scene online, so I just need to figure out some details, but what a fun project to get. My cousin has wanted this bracelet since she saw the movie and  never thought to ask me over the last twenty years, lol !!
So, this will be fun !! I will post as I go,  and see what I can come up with, I think I can get pretty close !! Now to assemble the materials and get a closer look at that wrist and see what I can come up with !!  I will be sure to share here while I work !!

8 responses to “Grace Kelly Rear Window vintage bracelet, a challenge for me !!!”

  1. How did your recreation turn out?


    1. we are still working on it, trying to find the things we need !! Thanks so much for asking !!!


      1. What a fun project! Good luck!


  2. Have you had any luck with this?


    1. Unfortunately no. I am currently working on an ispired by that bracelet piece for now and we will keep trying to find the details on the other one. It is just so hard to find anything in gold right now and so we are doing a silver five strand bracelet. I will share pictures as I start putting it together as soon as I get my final items together !! Thanks for stopping by !!!


  3. I too have loved that bracelet for years even shared pictures of it with my daughters, would
    love to see even a silver version


    1. We are doing a either a gold or silver, just not sure yet. It will be inspired by that bracelet, but no way exact. You would think SOMEONE could find a photo of it, you have to wonder where the darn thing went !!! lol !!


      1. I have often wondered that, too, Stephie!


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