Ready , set, go, polymer clay

Well, I am finally ready to take the plunge and really learn how to use the fimo clay.

I have played with it a bit here and there over the years, but not really done a lot with it. A few beads, a few pendants, that is it. So, I went out last night armed with 50 percent off coupons and picked up a couple of large things I wanted and a few small things !! I am pretty excited and can’t wait to start !!

As a kid I loved to play with clay so I am not sure why I have been so wary about the polymer. I had play dough and modeling clay and made all kinds of fun stuff , entertaining me for hours.  I loved making little animals and loved doing small details. So, I am excited to see what I can come up with as I get more comfortable with this new kind of clay !!

The hardness of the clay is one thing that is much differant than that play dough or modeling clay. I never needed to condition it , it was soft and plyable from the start, so that is one thing I do have to get used to.

So, here are my new things I got to work with the polymer clay !!Okay, I am having some issues with this post, text and pictures have disapeared and then I have trouble inserting pictures or text in, so the first  three pictures are the new items, a clay  machine, a bead rack for the toaster oven and a few small things, then the stuff I had, which was more than I remembered !!

I found I had a nice clear acrylic roller, a metal cutter, a clay extruder with lots of discs for it,  some templetes for cutting lines and some sandpaper and some satin  and glossy glaze. I also  have some textureed items and small cutters, so I am well equiped along with a lot of clay !!

I found a little tupperware of beads I made a few years ago and never cooked. Unfortunately I messed up by not storing the differant colors seperately so some got contaminated by other colors, so I have my work cut out for me.

Oh, and I forgot to share my work surface with you, a piece of corian from where they cut out my Dads sink on his counter tops 13 or so years ago. I kept it for all these years never knowing what I would use it for, but now how I found a great use for it !! It is nice and big but so is my work table.

So, I am getting ready to go, just got to organize it all, but I have it all. I am very excited and can’t wait to see what I can do , and I will follow my progress on this blog so maybe some of you can learn with me, it should be fun !! I am open to any advice from those of you who know what you are doing , more fun to learn from  advice than mistakes !

Thanks for stopping by !!

I would love to hear what you think !!!

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