New listings for Etsy

I am about to list new items on etsy, but thought I would share them here first. I have so many items to list, hundreds, but I am going to just do a few a day and I will get there eventually. Since I will be making new stuff constantly, I probably will never catch up, but that is okay !!

Here is a group shot of them all and then I will share some individual pictures. They will be on today, but give me some time, to get them all listed !!

cute litttle owl earrings in antique brass finish , stones are clear, it reflected my pink camera, not a wise choice for blogging and etsy pictures, lol !!
nice cobalt blue beads, the one on the left photographed darker, that is more how they look, very pretty color
Lovely pink vintage style glass faceted stones in a raw brass finding with round brass ear wires

cute little hershey kisses with pink  and clear AB fire polished beads

hand beaded barrette I made by hand, no loom, and sewed to a piece of doe skin and onto a metal barrette
charm braclet, one of a kind, buttons, charms and beads, very romantic and pretty
Harley Davidson earrings, simple, plain, need nothing else
vintage everything, all taken off old stuff and I used them to make this pair. Top pearl is pink, bottom is white, but once again, is reflecting pink camera

Zebra bracelette

Christmas green and red , fun for the holidays !!
snow flake earrings with blue fire polished beads
pretty stone earrings wtih a silver bali style bead on top !

So, I will be listing all of these, hopefully all of them today !! If not, the rest tomorrow !! I want to get some new stuff on every day, but not normally this much, not if I plan to work on new stuff too !!

2 responses to “New listings for Etsy”

  1. Nice stuf, Steph! I placed an order and will send a check! I found a box I started for you in my bedroom …thought I had sent your new home present. I’m so far behind…going on a three day quilt retreat. Would like to just sleep for three days. Bonnie Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2012 21:42:13 +0000 To:


    1. You are so busy I can only imagine that you need sleep !! How wonderful you get to go on a retreat, that must be so much fun !! I would love to find some fellow crafters in this area !!
      Oh boy, a box, how fun !! I am looking forward to it, thanks for thinking of me !!
      have fun at your retreat !!!


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