My studio

I just redid my studio and thought I would share how it came out. I have a great new for me, but old,  metal table my husband got from work, one they were throwing out, so I was thrilled. There is nothing wrong with it !!  I have another table for  drawing and some storage underneath, and a wooden card table for working on shipping and packing, something I never seem to have space on my work bench for !!

I am pleased with how it came out I brought home my corian slab from our storage at our house, and I am going to enjoy working in this space !! I did not picture this computer, but it is in the same room. Next to the work table with a wood file cabinate in between !!

I am happy with this room as it has a huge window facing a lovely creekbed and lots of trees.  You can see apartments now accross the creek as the leaves fall, but all summer, we could barely make out the apartments accross the creek. Just a lovely quiet room in a lovely quiet community , and I love it !! I hope to create a lot here !!

Thanks for stopping by !!

2 responses to “My studio”

  1. Oh I love your new table and studio! It’s so clean and organized! I would pay you big money to organize my house…you’d have to stay here forever!!! So nice, Steph! Bonnie Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2012 20:48:42 +0000 To:


    1. It feels good to get it done !! I am very excited !! I am sure once we get settled into a new house and I get a craft room established I will have to work hard to keep it up. Moving makes you go through stuff, lol !!!


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