Starting fresh, getting creative

I have been creating jewelry for over twenty years and love the creativity of making pretty things to wear. I love beads and all things sparkly. I was going to step back from my jewelry but decided against it. I have decided to continue my jewelry along with selling supplies and making all kinds of fun beaded items.

I have wanted to work with polymer clay for a long time so I finally played a bit with it and here is some of the results , keep in mind, my first real attempts other than simple beads years ago !!  In this first picture you can also see some of my felt beaded pendants as well !! I love felt, and working with it makes me very happy, so you will be seeing a lot of felt creations as well !!

my accorn pendant


I had a lot of fun making these a few months ago, but had not finished them until today. I added some paint to age them and some to just add a bit of color !!

sunflower pendant

These are my two favorites so far !!

I did a couple of others that are fun, but not as nice

I have some others I will share later, but those are all the good photos I have for now !!

I will be experiementing with other types of materials and just having fun creating new things. I will be adding more to my etsy stop  this week, some jewelry and some findings !! I hope you will stop by ! !

I am excited to be back on track, and looking forward to sharing a lot of new creations here and in my etsy shop !!

Thanks for stopping by !!

2 responses to “Starting fresh, getting creative”

  1. Oh how fun!!! I’m glad to see you are going ahead with your jewelry making. It’s in your soul – you know that and good for you to be trying new things. We have a passion for things and we need to stay focused on doing what we love. I miss you and hope that I can reconnect. I’m kept so busy with the shop stuff…I had hoped to take a few days off but that isn’t happening. I brought in some new C’mas socks and Judy called me this afternoon and said she had done another tablscape with them and needed more aqua stuff to go with the Damask brown stuff. Whew! Meeting a friend for lunch tomorrow and hitting the Goodwill and thrift store on my way there. Love to look for furniture and stuff… I have a little box of stuff started for you. I still want to add a couple of things for you so don’t look for it yet. I’ll let you know when I get it in the mail. Take care, Steph! Bonnie Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2012 07:54:43 +0000 To:


    1. I am so pleased to hear from you, I have missed you too, but could see how busy you have been working on the store projects !! I am here when ever things slow down, do not worry !! I completely understand all you are doing !! We hope someday to be living a life similiar to yours, it is what David and I have always dreamed of when he retires, so I kind of live through you a bit, so never mind if you are busy, I will still be here to catch up when it slows down in the cold winter !! Oh boy, how exciting to get a box in the mail, that is nice of you to think of me !! I will be on the look out once you let me know. Thank you !! I have been wanting to do the same thing too with the holidays coming up, time is just flying by !!
      I got my studio all prettied up the last two days, whew, what a ton of work, but I wanted to do it right this time !! I will post pictures on the blog probably in the next day or two !!
      Thanks so much for dropping by, Please do not worry about anything, I know it will slow down when the snow comes up there, so we will have fun catching up then !!

      I do love the jewelry, but will change direction a bit, and concentrate more on making beads and findings myself and more artsy type jewelry. I will still be selling off some beads, buttons and findings I have put aside for that, and the jewelry I already have made up, but believe me, I still have a ton left !!
      I am hoping to get pretty busy too, I hope etsy picks up , I may have to look for some other online options as well. Not sure what is out there, but will start looking !!
      Have fun at lunch and enjoy shopping, I have missed that with David on work days now, that was the only good thing about the 12 hour shift, some week days off every week, now he works all week, and most saturdays, I do not have a car since our son was in the accident and have no one up here to go with, so no yard sales or thirft stores for me, 😦 !! lol !!! We do occasionally hit a few thrift stores that are open later, so at least that is somethign !!
      talk to you soon, thanks again for stopping by !! Steph


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