Getting things ready to go !!

I worked hard and got more goodies ready for the site, some toggle claps and beads and a few odds and ends. I plan to work hard tomorrow and friday and get as much online as possible.

Here are a few things I will be adding tomorrow !! Some cute paw print charms, two sets of four are going up on the site !!

These pretty vintage bracelet spacers in reds, really pretty, took apart a set and got these a few years back !! missing one gem in one piece, but the colors are so pretty I figured some creative person will figure something to do with them !!

Did not leave enough space above !! These beads are so pretty , they have a gorgeous color and AB finish.

Some really unusual charms off of an old bracelet I took apart, never found the perfect project for them !!

Well, that is all for now, but I have a big pile on the desk for tomorrow !! Looking forward to getting that shop full of great stuff !!

Thanks for stopping by !!!

I hope the long blank area is gone, not sure what was going on, but if it there is a long blank before the next post, I appologize, on the edit, it does not show up so I cannot fix it !!

I would love to hear what you think !!!

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