Feeling a bit overwelmed !!!

Well, I have been working  hard on my etsy store and please to have more views than I have ever had, but only one sale so far, but that is fine, I am just getting started !! I have 82 items listed and hundreds more to list and that is the overwelming part !!

Here is my posted inventory

that seems pretty good, a nice variety, but

here is all the stuff I still have to list, it is a lot !! I wish I could multiply myself to get it all done, lol !!!


AND ….


those boxes are full of all kinds of bags of goodies to list. Not to mention close to 200 pieces of jewelry to list, mostly earrings, but some bracelets and another Indian barret I made years ago. It is a lot of stuff !!  So, I am a bit overwelmed with it all, but just doing my best to get it online as fast as possible.  It is very exciting and I am enjoying seeing my etsy store grow !!

Well,  will post more pictures soon !! Still getting the hang of this blogging thing and posting pictures, but I am getting better !!!

2 responses to “Feeling a bit overwelmed !!!”

  1. Thanks for the follow! I shall be making earrings today with a friends sister who also beads who knew I would go from Rigs to BEADS lol


  2. Thanks for following me as well, I enjoy reading your blog !!!
    I think it happens that way sometimes, you can find your interests can take you all over the place !! Beads are pretty fun, I go to the bead markets up here in the Dallas area and it is a room full of people selling beads, so fun !! My wonderful husband goes with me, not sure what he thinks, but he is always supportive. I think it is awesome you have a fellow beader to play with, that is something I have been unable to find in my life, no one I know has any interest in beading !! Belive it or not, my husband got me into the beading with Indian type beadwork with the sead beads, 20 years later, he is long out of it, and here I am doing all kinds of beading. Have fun and enjoy !! Being creative is so wonderful !!


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