My store is starting to look good !!

I am excited that my store at Etsy is starting to fill up, still a baby store, but I am getting there with some listings !! I now have 12 button  listings, five charm and four beads and have at least 60 more buttons, and hundreds more beads and a dozen or two charms and then findings as well. I will be a very busy lister  the next few weeks that is for sure, but it is a lot of fun !! We will see if I can share some pictures !

Here are some of my new listings !! I had way more buttons than I thought I did !! I honestly thought I would be able to put together maybe a dozen bags of  12 to 20 and ended up with 70 plus of  22 to 44, lol !! I was pretty shocked and so now I will have a nice selection of buttons in my Etsy store !! I am not keeping a single button, they are all going into the store !!

I am having fun and plan to list even more tomorrow !!

I would love to hear what you think !!!

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