Getting started !!!

Well, I am starting another chapter in my beading career. I decided after much thought that I am going to open an online bead store. I will still make jewelry, and enjoy my beads, but will make a business out of the beads instead of my jewelry.

I am on my way, applyed online for my doing business as, ordered more of my small bubble mailers, small bags and labels. Still have to pick up a few things, but already have over 500 bags of beads and charms and fun stuff I seperated from my private collection, and I am still not done !! I plan to pry more from my  private collection and then I am hitting the bead market this month and next and stock up a bit more. No worries though, I still have a lot of beads for me, and will harvest a few from each string I buy from the bead market, the entire reason for doing this is my love of beads, so I will never give up having my own to play with !!

I am excited and figure about this time next month I should be on my way. It will take weeks to list that many to start and to set up how I will store that many items in a way I can retrieve them, but I think I have that covered and will post pictures when I get there. No pictures today, but I will add some of my progress as I go.

This is a new chapter but a fun one. I will still list some of my own jewelry on my site, both here and my etsy store along with the beads, but my main focus will be the b eads , findings, charms and so on.

It has been a fun weeking getting starting and I look forward to sharing the steps as I go.

A brand new chapter and sure to be a fun one  !!

2 responses to “Getting started !!!”

  1. Best of luck for it! I always loved the idea of having my own beadshop – somewhere that I could sit and enjoy my beading, but I think that an online shop is a much more sensible choice in today’s climate 🙂


    1. Me too, but for now online will have to do, but I would love a real bead store, maybe someday ….. !!!


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