I love sequins. I have been collecting them for over twenty years and up until a few years ago, there were not many for me to choose from.

I found a wonderful supplier and over the last few years have really added some amazing colors to my collection.

Here are some pictures of my newst  sequins !!

I cannot get over the colors you can find now a days. When I started  beading over twenty years ago I could get only about a dozen or so colors. I was able to over time fill an 18 compartment box with differant colors, but often I would find a color once and never find it again and they were not always really wonderful colors.

I have three shoe boxes full of sequins. I will be sure and share pictures of them all as they are just so  pretty. the boxes are on the far right of the top shelf in this picture !! They are all pretty full too of sequin packages. They are all bagged and then bagged in bigger bags per color .

I am very grateful that seed beads, sequins , felt and thread, my favorate art mediums are all extremely inexpensive ! I enjoy making the beaded jewelry but my passion really lies in sequined beadwork and I will be showcasing a lot of it over the next weeks , along with the regualr beadwork I love to do as well.

I cannot wait to get started on my projects and start sharing them with all of you !!

It is going to be a very fun year now that I am very organized and have so many pretties to play with !!! It is so fun to be able to be doing what I love and share it here !!! I cannot wait !!

2 responses to “sequins”

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing your work 🙂 wish i had that many beads and sequins! x


    1. Thanks so much for stopping by !! I have loved beads and sequins for over twenty years, about 23 now I believe and this is the first time I have really gotten to find and collect so many beautful ones !! I have some fun things planned , I sure hope you enjoy them!!


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