My studio is now complete and updated !!

My work bench / studio !!

I have been working hard on it the last couple of weeks. My current studio is the corner of our bedroom as both my husbands stained glass studio and my jewelry studio were made into bedrooms while our oldest daughter and her husband and two kids moved in from out of state.

Now, this was two and a half years ago but I never truely got it organized then, and add to that 23 years of adding stuff and not really taking the time to organize it as I did. 

I pretty much had to go through every single thing, it was overwelming. I ended up with lots of new categories of findings, so more boxes and extra boxes for colors that overflowed thier boxes. Every one of those boxes has between 17 and 18 compartments, some  have a large double and some are 18 small. Most colors still have beads combined with other beads, to give each kind of bead its own cubby in a container, that woudl take probably at least another ten to twenty boxes, so I combine. Since I take apart a lot of old  jewelry, I have lots of small amounts of beads, sometimes as few as one of a bead, so combining those in the bins seems to make the most sense.

I still need to take nail polish remover, take off the current writing , make nice tags  and put them on, but I am tired and that will have to wait !! Right now, I can find it all, it is all easy to read, it just does not look  as nice as some of the larger bins and boxes I made labels for.

So, now I am done with this project which has been hanging over my head keeping me from creating !! I can get going on some fun projects now , I am very excited !!

My future posts can now be about projects and beads and fun, so I am pretty happy about that !! I hope to keep it intersting as I have fun making some new things I have not done before along with some things that are favorates !!

Well, off to plan some pretties to make !!  I will be back soon to show you what I am up to !!

2 responses to “My studio is now complete and updated !!”

  1. Your studio looks really nice….I can’t wait to see some of your new creations…Don’t forget Mother’s Day is coming…..maybe you could come up with something special for that…Love Ya


    1. I am so glad you stopped by !! Still sweeping it out and getting it fixed up but it is getting there !! I plan to do a lot here and have fun. I have another blog I post at too, which is personal not for the business, but open to everyone.
      Thanks for stopping by Cuz !!!


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