Getting back on track with my blogging !!

I cannot believe I started this blog and never posted anything !!

I will make sure to get on here and post the projects I am working on currently in the next few days, have some fun things planned !!!

I did sell this pretty set today, I was very excited as I sold it to an artist I admire very much  !!

She really loved it and it is always so rewarding to see something you created be enjoyed by some one else !!

these are the earrings that went with the set !!

I think for most creative people, artists, jewelry designers, authors, our creations are like children to  us, we create them, love them and send them out into the world in the hopes they will be accepted and loved as much as  we  love them and when that happens it is so exciting !!

So, I will be around more, I have several fun projects I am gearing up for, so that will be intesting to see how they go !!

So, time to get back on track and get this blog rolling !!!!

2 responses to “Getting back on track with my blogging !!”

  1. Ok Cuz, I found your blog and set it up so I can follow it…..Bree has one too and I am following hers as well.. I am so proud of you for not giving up and going back to your blog and starting it again. I pray that God will richly bless you this year…Love Ya….Kathy


    1. Thanks Cuz !! I would love to follow Brees, can let me know what it is, or have her post it on facebook ?
      I am excited to be back and I have both blogs going again and I am having fun with them !! I am really glad you signed up to get the updates and I hope to keep the posts coming !!
      Love ya too !!


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