The beads win !!!

I will admit it, I am having a lot of issues with walking away from the beading. I just cannot do it. I am still buying beads, and old jewelry to take apart and still love it all. I have been reorganizing it all and just trying to figure out what I want to do. I just cannot give up on it. I tried but could not walk away, the beads win, hands down.

So, here are some goodies I picked up at our favorite antique store in town. We have known the owner for 15 years and have actually had a booth in her store many years ago.


I feel in love with the bead caps and fluted beads on this necklace. I have some of these pretty milky pink glass beads already but love them so I do not mind having more. I paid more than I normally would  to take it apart, but I love all the parts so I think it was worth it, as I have not found any bead caps like that in that size and shape, and I love the metal beads that match them. I just think it is overpowering in this necklace and would be nicer used with other beads in between. This is pretty, but a bit much.


I love these fiber optic beads, and these soft green are so pretty. I am happy to add them to my collection.


More fiber optic beads in several colors. Love the bead caps too. Simple round silver. Nice addition to my findings and beads.



Will take the hemetite beads off the back , it is a ring currently, and will make it into a bracelet. I love the pretty brown rhinestones. Kind of different.


Not a fan of the bracelet, but loved the turquoise stones, the large rings for some future projects we are planning and the jump rings are nice, as are the stones. Some cross charms that are cute also. So worth a few bucks to have all the pieces.



I have some new favorite beads as well as  new favorite bead store.  Golden Age Beads. I have already ordered two large orders from them and I am hooked. They have the most beautiful stone beads. White candy jade and the brown mountain jade candy are two favorites. I also fell in love with the Milky pink Czech glass beads and another they had like that with a gold haze over them. Just stunning.

They have no idea I am telling you about them, I get nothing from referring them. But when I find a new store I love, I share it here . All my favorites are on the right side of my page and this one will be added. Great quality, and I feel good prices. I cannot stress how gorgeous these beads are. This is my most recent order.

IMG_0804 IMG_0800 IMG_0809 IMG_0807 IMG_0808 IMG_0806


the website is

They also have a face book page, where is where I found them.

I know I will be ordering from them again. The weight and smoothness of the beads feels  like pure quality and I made a lot of bracelets using the first batch I bought. I love them !! I love the chartreuse with the black and the traditional jade color are so pretty. I love the mountain jade brown with the darker green. The large green stones and large clear beads and large black focal were not from that store. I had those pieces already.


The chartreuse and light and bright  blue and white stone beads  are all from Golden age, the other beads I already had. The larger light blue with red are all wood beads. Same with the black and turquoise up in the left corer, all wood. the light blue and white are from golden age.  I used so many of the golden age beads, I ordered from them again !! I am looking forward to making myself some goodies from their beads.




none of these except the pink rose quartz looking pink jade and the white I used with one of the pink jade bracelets  are from Golden Age, the rest are beads I had. I was having too much fun.


some of the same ones again with some new. I made around 60 bracelets.




So, that is what I have been up to along with working with my friend on her tassels, which I will share as we finish up this current one. It is a stunner, really stunning colors. I cannot wait to share it, we are half done !!!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you will check out Golden Age Beads when you need more beads or are looking for something new. I cannot praise the quality enough. I know I am going to be in big trouble if I do not stay away from that store, lol !!! I am hooked !! My husband even picked some he liked for me to order for some stuff he wants to do.


I love finding new places that I love !!


5 responses to “The beads win !!!”

  1. Hi Stephie, good to see you!


  2. Thanks Lyn !! Its good to be back , working on getting more regular, need to drop by your blog too, I am behind on all my blog reading !!!


  3. I’ve been wondering for some time if I could commission a little piece from you – pulls for the fan and light chains in our back room – turquoise and red as the main colors, in a loosely middle eastern / Turkish style. My time frame is WIDE open. Does this sound interesting at all? And worth it? I know it’s a small job.


  4. Absolutely, in fact I still owe you a housewarming gift ! We had talked about me making you something after you got settled !!
    Do you still have my email ?


  5. So many gorgeous baubles makes me want to go out in the 50+mph winds and enter the barn to bring in enough supplies to make something ❤


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