New items in my Etsy shop

I have been having fun creating new pieces and I have ten new sets of wine glass charms I am in the process of listing on Etsy today !! I will be giving you a link to each one with its pictures and description !!

First one is this set of elephants.

I have to say, I love these elephant charms. I had picked up a bag of them at the bead market a few  years ago, and used them in projects and they flew out the door. I could not find them again, except for the same elephant with a flower on it, and I did not want that, I wanted these plain ones. I finally lucked out and the bead market had them again !! So, I bought bags of them this time, I really stocked up.

I combined the cute elephants with bright sparkly glass faceted drop beads in vibrant colors. I love how they came out !!











here is the link to the listing, 21.98 which includes free shipping !!


The next set I listed are some cute Eiffel Tower charms paired with round faceted glass beads in pretty colors !! I love these charms and have a good amount of them !! There is just something so enchanting about Paris , the Eiffel Tower and Fleur de lis. I love creating with them and have both in my shop and will be adding more items that feature both charms !! I used glass  faceted beads in green, light  pink, clear, purple, white and bright blue. They hang over the edge of a wine glass but stick straight out and will not hang  under the edge , so no issues with setting the wine glass down.








These are also 21.98  pay pal or direct check out with Etsy with your credit card or debit credit card , and have free shipping !! here is the listing link !!

Another fun set I am listing is a Halloween set !! I have enough charms to make two sets, and they are fun !!



They are fun metal with enameling . Cute Halloween themed charms with a newsprint look on the back, and each back discribes the front





These are so fun and unique and what a statement they would make on your Halloween table !! Sure to be a conversation piece !!!







21.98 with free shipping , pay pal or direct check out with Etsy and your credit card or debit credit ,  the listing link is


Next set is a really nifty zebra set. An acrylic jewel set in a silver metal setting and each paired with a different colored glass faceted bead. Really pretty !!












Red, white, pink, clear, purple , and black glass faceted beads !! A really fun set !! Great gift for yourself or anyone who loves animal prints !!

21.98 on Etsy, here is the shop listing to buy it. Paypal or  direct check out with Etsy and your credit card or debit credit card, and free shipping

here is the link to this listing

I have more to list, but I will do the rest later. I want to get these four listed and blogged about for today. I have six more to do !!

Here are the other six , I will be listing them tomorrow !!













All of these will be the same price, 21.98 with free shipping. If you really want one, you can contact me and I will send you a paypal invoice, otherwise they will be listed tomorrow on Etsy.

Thanks for stopping by !! I always appreciate it !!



3 responses to “New items in my Etsy shop

  1. Hello fellow Etsian! I found your blog through Krista’s blog 🙂 I really enjoying meeting other Etsy shops! The link to mine is in my about page. Going to check out yours! Your charms are cute! Looking forward to exploring your blog more and want to invite you to follow my blogging journey with me<3


    • Hi Britt, thanks so much for reading my blog and commenting. I really enjoy meeting other Etsy shop owners as well !!! I will be sure and check out your about page and see what you are up to !! I will be sure to follow your blog as well, we Etsy sellers have to stick together !!! I love seeing what other artists are up to and watch thier journies, that is what I love about blogging, meeting others and seeing what they are doing !!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Absolutely! I think it is so great to meet other Etsians here! Also want to thank you very much for the follow! The support means a lot to me<3

        When you check my shop out let me know what you think!:D


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