To bead, or not to bead, that is the question ….

I have not been able to work on jewelry for a while with a big move going on around our house. Our son in law was almost killed as a pedestrian while jogging when he was run down by an SUV . The driver fled but was captured and is facing trial but he has a long road of recovery ahead after five months in the hospital, so we moved the family into our home and they rented thier house out to a family member while they get on their feet.

So, our studio has been a mess and will continue to be a mess for a while, but that does not mean I cannot create. We picked up some nice tables at Aldi’s that I fell in love with and know I can use to work on while my bench stores our stain glass pieces until we get the shelf moved this weekend and then I still like the idea I can take the table around the house to whatever room I am in to work. I get nothing from promoting it, but it is such a great table we picked up four for 13 bucks each to have for all kinds of uses and I wanted to share with my readers in case they could use something like this table !! You can see my knee and my iphone 6 as references for the size. It has three different heights you can set it at.





That is not what this post is about, but I just like to share cool stuff when I find it, and these tables are pretty awesome !! My husband plans to use one for next to his grill and I put one in the family room for when I want to work on a project in there and the others are stored in the studio for now !! I took pictures of the label but it will not let me load any other pictures right now. The dimensions are 26 inches long by 18 inches wide, by 24 to 28 high , depending on which level you set it at .

So, the reason I started this post was because I am still very frustrated. I have never been more proud of my jewelry on Etsy, yet get hardly any views and no sales. I have been using unique and interesting materials and techiniques and I just do not know what to do to get seen. Etsy is so big now that not all listings show as I wrote about on another blog post. I tried another site, Zibbet, but not enough people know about it and I got few  views , and no  sales there either.

There is a glut of jewelry sellers out there, making some amazing things. I think it may be  time to realize I have to do something different. Jewelry is too saturated anymore, unless you have a completely unique item, which I was working to do, come up with unique and one of a kind pieces, but it seems that is not good enough. You need a hook , something completely new. I do not have that.

I am down to 86 listings , and almost half of those will expire tomorrow, and all but a few will expire three weeks after that.

I have my friend that I am working on custom orders with and another big order I plan to get done soon for a customer, she does not  need it until next year so I am good, but I want to get it done and off to her and hope to do that in the next week or two. Luckily my friend with the big order is busy with her own projects as well, so she has not been ready to work either, so that is good we are on the same page there and we both look forward to getting moving on our projects soon !! She has been so fun to work with as she has gotten me to try new things and learn new skills I have never had before, and that is awesome !! I cannot wait to see what we do next so that is going to be fun !!

So, for now. I am a bit sad about my jewelry shop on Etsy. Frustrated and unsure of what to do next. I do plan to work on some seed bead and sequin projects for my own enjoyment and gifts,  but I really do want to have a successful business, I just have to figure out what to do and how to do it.

I am trying to decide what to do with all the items expiring. I see no point in hanging on to over a hundred items or sets, many wine charm sets and bracelets, necklaces , key rings. Some items I have listed up to nine times, so that is almost two bucks in listing fees for those items and  most of the other items I have listed three to five times at 20 cents a piece.  I might be taking apart many items and putting the beads, charms and findings back into my stock. It is so sad. Dreams and hours of work , that are having to be dismantled. I am considering getting a job as I want to make money to pay off some of our debt and obviously this is not working so I may later this year look at working full time for the first time in almost 30 years, which is terrifying, lol !! I have been a stay at home mom and grandma, and all I ever wanted was to contribute to our income and be creative while doing it. .

I guess what I am struggling with is, when do you let your dreams die and get on wth it and do something else ? When is it time to accept this is not what you are supposed to be doing ? How long do you try ? My current inventory I have probably close to 100 bucks invested, just  in listing them, plus the materials and my time. If all of it sold, I would make at least a thousand dollars, even on sale before deducting all the things I just listed, so maybe I would get about 600 profit after I pay back expenses and listing fees, not counting all the hours of work I did .  The potential is there, but the sales are just not happening. I get great feed back when I show my items to people . When sold, I get good reviews. I just think too many talented people are selling jewelry now and it is just plain hard to get seen. I would happily work 80 hours a week to succeed, and HAVE , but to work that hard and nothing comes of it, is heart breaking.

My blog will continue. I will create and share. Just not sure I will be listing stuff to sell anymore. I will finish anything on my table, things for friends and family and make gifts and stuff for myself and any custom orders that come my way. But I am done with Etsy I do believe. By the end of Sept my last items will expire and I will close shop. I will  have finished my last custom order for a customer I have through Etsy but will still be working with my friend on her big custom order at that point ,  and then I can let the store go. IF I sell again, it will be new name, new store, new inventory.

At 55 , I am trying to figure it out. I have raised four kids and helped with the seven grandkids and have never done what I want to do, other than our time in the apartment a couple of years ago, my life has revolved around our kids and grandkids. I have never minded, and still want to help them, but it is time for me to start fi guring out what I want and who I am . Like the Reba MacEntire song states,

is there life out there, so much she hasn’t done,

is there life beyond, her family and her home.

Shes done what she should,

should she do what she dares,

she doesn’t want to leave

shes just wondering if theres life out there !

That song really speaks to me and makes me think as I know it does for many women out there.

I have not really done much in my life .  I did important stuff !  With my husband I  raised four kids, only had a few jobs before that , that were not very challenging or interesting. I have not traveled much, or gone much of anywhere. No college, got married young, and had our kids young. We are still pretty young and have a lot of life ahead of us.

NO regrets about marriage and family. NONE. I am very happy in my marriage and love our kids and thier families. I am more happy with my husband every day, we have a great relationship and have fun together and we support each other in anything the other wants to do. He is my biggest fan and I have his support no matter what I want to try. We met almost 36 years ago, have been married almost 34  years. He is my best friend. I know I am his best friend, that is more important than any money I could earn . We have amazing kids and grandkids. Again, worth more than any money .

The issue is, how much longer do I try, or do I get a job and start helping out. My husband  works hard, it would be so nice to contribute and help pay off the bills and save money.  Take some of the pressure off of him. He takes very good care of us, but we want to get debt free , and it would be nice to help him do that !! Help it happen a bit faster.

So, my question is, when do you know it is time to just get a job and give up on the art , and just enjoy doing it as a hobby?I just feel like I have no more to give. I am sure menapause is talking too, but I am just sick of disapointment. Working hours and hours for nothing. It makes me sad. I do not want to be sad. I want to just be happy and the other parts of my life ARE happy. I think what does not make me happy should go. But it is sad to let it go as well.  You start to wonder if  you are blind and your items are not that great and why are you doing this ? I do not like feeling like that.

So, I am venting again. I just want to put it out there so if anyone else is going through this, maybe we can share some thoughts or maybe someone has gone through this and come out the other side.

I have all my inventory on sale in my store, 20 percent off. If you see some things you want and you want a better price, comment here  and I will post  a coupon code for 25 percent off  and if you plan to  spend at least a hundred, I will post one 30 percent off,

Thanks  for stopping by !!



3 responses to “To bead, or not to bead, that is the question ….

  1. I have only just starting following your blog and can relate to your Etsy woes. I tried Etsy for jewellery sales a while ago but gave up because of low sales. It is possible to sell from a Facebook page but I don’t know how that works. Hand Made is another site in Australia. Don’t know its international. Your family problems sound difficult. I had to stop beading etc for 9 months when family moved because of troubles. It gets frustrating. The little tables sound like a good solution. Good luck.


    • I do have a facebook page, but other than my wonderful friends and family liking me, no interest or activity in the least. I am just not sure selling jewelry online is for me anymore. So much hard work and no sales. I love making jewelry and will always make it for family and friends and custom orders, but I think the days of making and listing pieces are over. I will create and share here and see where things go !! It is a shame so many of us are having problems selling on Etsy, but I think they just got too big. It is hard to be found anymore.
      I am so happy you stopped by. I love hearing from other jewelry designers !! Do you have a link to any of your work, a blog, a page you sell on, feel free to put it here, I am happy to have your link on my site, if others read this and want to check your items out, that will be great !!


      • Thank you very much Stephie. I aren’t making or selling much at present. I am moving house in a few weeks and everything is a bit chaotic at present. I have a blog but at present it mostly has photos and stories on it. I agree about online selling. It’s a great idea but hard to make it work. Thanks for offering to link to my jewellery sites. When I get something up and running I will let you know. Meanwhile I will keep following your beading adventures here. 🙂


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