Etsy versus Zibbet, Etsy won

the picture  for the post is my Zibbet banner made by a dear friend. I wanted to share here lovely work as I made a decision today.

I had gont  over to zibbet and tried for a couple of months. I am not happy. I was not getting any looks at all and never got a sale. At the same time, Etsy made some great changes to make it easier to list your items and I have decided to stop throwing out ten bucks a month to zibbet when I am not getting any looks at all.

I got a total of 28 views on Etsy this past week, only 7 on Zibbet. I think they just do not have the traffic and I need to start working it more at Etsy. I am getting my inventory back up and we will see. We have changed our inventory a lot and plan to do a lot more new things. I am very disapointed with Zibbet. No sales although I have only had one sale at Etsy in the same amount of time.

I may decide to abandon an online site and get my own website down the line. I am just not sure what to do. It is very frustrating to work hard, make pretty , high quality things and nothing sells because no one sees them. I showed up on the pages on zibbet, but there are not the amount of pages Etsy has and  obviously no one was shopping  there to see my things. So, we will see. I may try some local shows if we get enough made up. It is worth doing at least once. Just to see if it is worth it. I know most of the shows I go to, there are more jewelry stalls than anything else. I think the new items we are making stand out. It is just , are people willing to pay for them ?

So, the debate between Zillow and Etsy is  over. Etsy won. Not sure long term what we will do. For now, I will stick with Etsy and my facebook page for my things. If there is no link for it, I will put one today !!

here it is just in case. I have not been on much, but plan to post today !! Working on a custom order and having fun !! We have so many ideas we want to try for our jewelry  and are facing a move of our studio to a different room of the house, so that is a bit overwelming but it is for a good reason and it will actually be a better room for us in the end, it is just moving, lol !! Oh, and getting new flooring in both rooms, which ought to be fun to pull off !!

here is my facebook link


thanks for stopping by, I hope you will come by and like my facebook page !!!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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