All our precious books are out !!!

My husband and I love books , and have a lot of books !! Unfortunately for the past five or six years most of them have been packed in boxes and inaccessable to us !! We finally got them out yesterday and I am overjoyed !! We put three book cases in the main hallway and then two in a small hallway in our master bedroom.

Here are some shots I took this morning !!

The main hallway looking from the living room in the front of the house to the laundry room in the back of the house.


this shot is from the laundry room to the still packed up with boxes and stuff living room !!

DSCN4365I can see our precious Kitty got into this next shot, she is is loving being back in the house she lived in her first eight years before moving off with her boy for the last four. She was not reallly very happy in the house we just moved from but you can tell she remembers home as she is so comfy here !!

We have so many books, reference type, novels, trashy romance novels, I am guilty of reading them at times, but not as much as I  used to. Cook books health books , My hubbys huge collection of JFK books and NASCAR books and some fun big coffee table books up on top. We have a bunch of neat old classic books we have found at yard sales and thrift stores.


This is the set of book cases in the  hallway between our bedroom door and the door to the family room, our own private hallway, I took it standing in the bathroom door of our master bath.

I have all my spiritual books, self improvement books, and all kinds of neat books, cook books and lots of treasured books. The small shelf is my hubbys and he put some books on the bottom shelf and then the rest is still just junk piled, same with the top of my shelf, boxes we are going to store, those are all just one item  per box, but items that were bulky and needed thier own box, but have not put out in our barn yet. One day at a time , lol !! I still have all our Bibles on my night stand, we have a ton of them, but they would not fit on this shelf, so they stay on the bottom of my night stand.


Then there are still some  misc books we have not found and all of our craft and stain glass and beading books, seven banana boxes  worth ,  plus a banana box of my hubbys John Grisham books he has not decided where to put yet. So, this is not all our books folks, we still have probably nine to  ten banana boxes worth total still unpacked . I also have two banana boxes worth that we plan to sell or donate. I will do some research online and see if they are worth listing. That was something I did for years and did well at it until all the big box book stores got online and startring charging a penny to 75 cents on books that I used to sell for a few bucks, they put most of us small book sellers out of business and I am sure that was the plan. Too bad, I did not make a fortune, but a hundred bucks a month or so, but now, I cannot make much with the prices the big guys are charging. It is not worth it for me to make 25 cents a book, the gas to the post office is more than that , lol !!

So, when I find a book worth a bit , I will list it, if it is not listable for a decent amount then  I put some on my paperback swap, which is a great service, and if you decide to check it out , please use me as a referral, I get a free book , my user name on the site is Stephiewil the site is      again, please give me a referrel if you join, Stephiewil ,     Oh, and you can swap hard covers too, just a bit more postage for the hard covers but you still get them free and when they are sent to you, no charge, you are getting freebies for the ones you have mailed out. No differance if you mail all paperbacks and request hard covers, it is just book for book. Period !!

I send and I get a lot of books through there. If you do not know about it, you list books you do not want, they give you a couple of free ones to start out, then as people request your books, you send them, when they recieve them, you get a free book from the site, millions of books, and a lot of subjects. I pay for the prvilage of mailing it from any box, no post office lines, I pay the postatge on thier site, printing out the paper I wrap the book in with all the info on it, ans postage on it, sender and recivers address all on there, you just use it an the other page you print out to wrap small paper backs and wrap it around the packaging on larger books, so easy and worth the extra money so I  pay the extra 40 cents or something so that they know I mailed it, and I do not get ripped off. I had one member say they never got their book and I lost that book and postage  for no credit , so an extra 40 cents to get credit right away and not have to worry is worth it , plus getting to drop a package into the box without going in is wonderful, drive and drop .  I just pay and load on money to my account and pay as I send. I get so many books there . I have currently used all my credits but will be listing some stuff for sure and should get some more credits in time.

They have a wish list to wait for books you want. I recently got several books on my wish list and they are on thier way, pretty exciting !!

They also  have sister sites for dvds and cds as well. I do have a dvd account, but not a CD account. The links are on the page.

So, this is our book addiction, we love them, buy most of them used and cheap at yard sales , thrift stores, Amazon, or I just went to Amazon last night and purchased seven books my husband has wanted for close to 15 years, bought the first in the series back when we lived in Calif in a store, full price, a paperback ,  and never saw another, so we found it yesterday unpacking the books, I got online and ordered all seven of the series he did not have, and basicly paid shipping. Okay, I do love the cheap books, but it did put me out of business, lol,  I got all seven, for 30 bucks and change, the book part was well  under three bucks for seven books. He is thrilled and will have all his books in a week or two.

Oh and by the way, if you see the baby name books in my header for this post, they are for writing. A tip I read once when you are writing a story or novel, keep baby  name books on hand to look up names for your charactors . Had these for years added them to my writing library !

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have many books in your life too !!


2 responses to “All our precious books are out !!!”

  1. I love books not because I write them but because I love reading too. You have so much… Have fun reading them Stephie!


  2. I love books, I think I write because I read , if that makes sense ? If forced to chose between tv and books, I would have to pick my books, but I would miss my tv, lol !!! Thanks for stopping by Seyi !!!


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