Time got away from me

I realized tonight that time had gotten away from me and I had not posted in way too long of a time.

There are lots of reasons for this, some of them being,

about to move to a new house.
New house is an old house that we are buying , so we are in escrow !!

We want to save up a lot of money before we move, so we are eating at home exlusively so much more cooking, and cleaning going on. I am selling a bunch of stuff on Ebay to make some money and make less stuff to move, so that has kept me busy too.

I have decided with a heavy heart that at the end of this year I am done with the jewelry as a business. I will keep most of my beads but I am selling some of my charms and stuff, and will always make for friends and family and for myself, but after my sponsorships and all are done for 2013 , I am closing shop. It is just too painful to work hard, and see your things just not sell. So, I am selling a lot of my unsold merchandise on Ebay in the coming weeks, and I have a lot of misc things in my ebay store. I will get a link up to my store on the right with my other links once I post this tonight.

I am going to say good bye to my beading business in Jan of next year and work more on my writing, drawing and photography. I will always bead and craft and will post about all the above here , so this blog will not go away. I hope to be more creative when it is just for me and no more pressure.  I am still passionate about beads, but it is becoming more and more clear that is not what I am supposed to be doing or I would be doing better at it !!  It does not matter how many blogs I sponsor, I get hits, but no one wants to buy my things. I have so many items on etsy and I can hear crickets in there.

I am told by many people that I am not alone. That a lot of creative people are not selling right now. That would bring me comfort except for the fact I have never been successful at beading. I have tried on and off for most of 23 years, and enough is enough. I will make lovely sets for my own outfits and for gifts adn maybe occasionally sell, but for all extents and purposes, I will be out of business .

So, what am I selling on Ebay,

here are a few of the things I have up for sale.

a really amazing beaded pursee from the early 1900’s


a fun Coke ice bucket for about ten years ago



a lot of cross earrings


a group of pins


Some misc pins and odd parts for crafts, and  yes, that is my Jewelry Lady pin, I was so excited when I found it, now, not so much, ready to let it go and find it a new home !!



a bunch of watches, watch parts and clock parts from when I was working a bit with steam punk


a bunch of wood, seed pod and shell beads, including that new jungle animal necklace


really pretty blue and brown kids Justin boots


mostly pendants, so shocked this one has not gone. I will be losing money for sure on this one if it sells cheap, but no one is even bidding on it, which, like I said, shocked me !!



some pretty rhinestones






3 responses to “Time got away from me”

  1. I’m really sorry to hear that you’re closing up shop at the end of the year, i’m sure it wasn’t an easy decision to make. I haven’t been beading nowhere near as long as you but I can certainly appreciate the frustrations of putting all your efforts into something and not getting the result you were hoping for. I’m glad that you’ll be continuing your blog though and look forward to seeing more of your photography and drawing.

    Good luck with the sale!

    Dee 🙂


    1. It was a hard decision .I will always play with the beads and I am sure I will still share when I do, I will just not actively look to sell my items after the first of the year !!


      1. It’s time consuming to actively sell your pieces so I hope that you get the time to pursue all of the other things you love! 🙂


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