I forgot to show the final product !!

I know I showed myself starting the trees, but never showed t hem finished, so here they are !!! Not the best picture, but at least I took one !! They were so pretty in person, very bright and sparkly, the light I used was my work light, great for working under, for taking pictures, not so great !!!

Dec 11 post for blog 012

I think I showed Santa, but I did not get a finished picture of both, I was on the wire to get them in the mail by that afternoon, this flu really knocked me off of schedule for this order !!

NO, I never got a shot of the actual Santa set I made that day, so I am disapointed I forgot , I was really stressed about getting that order done !! When David walked in he had gotten this from the mail, actually gotten the slip, went to the office and picked it up, what a lovely surprise, we will enjoy it Christmas eve, Thank you Laurey and Harry !! Not only dear friends but Harry is Davids cousin !!

Dec 11 post for blog 013




4 responses to “I forgot to show the final product !!”

  1. So simple but GORGEOUS
    Perfect little decorated Christmas Trees
    Great job do you use Fireline ?


    1. I honestly do not know what Fireline is, lol !! I use regular beading thread, those pretty little spools, green for the trees , white for Santa !!
      They are so fun and no pattern. No two are exactly the same, I just ramdomly put in the colored and green seed beads !!
      Thanks so much !!!


      1. Fireline is monofiliment fishing type line clear or smoke colored so you use Nymo?


  2. Yes, that is all I have ever used for the seed bead earrings. I have a large plastic 3 oz spool of white size O I use for any non colored thread projects, I have been using this spool for twenty years and it still has a lot left, more gone than left, but still a lot left !! I have every color of the colored nymo in size D , the colors I use most I have a few of those bobbin size spools in each color . I also have the 3 oz size O Nymo black spool, that is much newer and hardly used. I use it a lot in my American Indian and dark seed bead jewelry. I like the look and feel of the thread and as long as you are careful with the bugel beads, or use only seed beads, the thread does very well. Some of the bugals can be sharp, so on our large necklaces and stuff like that we are considering trying something like that Fireline, just did not know what to call it !! We have had the bugals saw through the threads on a color type application on our fringed necklaces.
    I guess you just have to experiment until you find what works best for each type of item you make !!


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